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Anxi tea prices next month to go to the nearest production license

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“ from next month, Anxi tea enterprises for production licenses, not to go to the central area of the city. ” recently, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on the adjustment of food production license approval, from September 1st onwards, Anxi County, county area within the jurisdiction of the tea and related products production license approval authority to Anxi County food and drug supervision and management departments to implement, other counties (cities, districts) to be market supervision and management agencies to adjust. This is the city food and drug regulatory department of decentralization and initiative, in the future, tea enterprise & ldquo; foot not County & rdquo; you can apply for a production license.

    “ in the past, enterprises to apply for tea production permit must be sent to the Quanzhou Center for urban management, and time consuming. & rdquo; Anxi, a tea company related person in charge Mr. Su told reporters that Anxi County has a large part of tea production enterprises in Xi Ping, De, Peng Hua, long Juan etc., these villages and towns is far from the city center, tea enterprises to apply for a permit was really inconvenient, the decentralization of approval authority will effectively relieve the pain of tea enterprises rush.

    reporter learned that the city has a total of 390 tea production enterprises, including Anxi County, which accounted for 341, equivalent to 87% of the total. At present, Anxi county has set up a set of effective tea quality control measures, initially established a food production safety supervision system, production license work system, production license review management and other work system.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & ldquo; recently, Anxi County food and drug supervision and Management Bureau will send a group of staff training in business, do a good job of local carry out tea production license approval process design, division of work, a variety of materials preparation and play cards such as the preparatory work. At the same time, the city food and Drug Supervision Bureau will strengthen its guidance, supervision, the establishment of a random system, a number of monthly checks to ensure the quality of the work permit. ” according to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Food and drug administration, the next step, the Department will put some of the lower quality and safety requirements, production process is relatively simple food production license approval project gradually to the county (city, district) bureau, directly under the branch.
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