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Tea Horse Road: tea horse trade to the circulation of Cordyceps

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  in the mountains of Western Sichuan, I cut open the anterior in a bamboo forest, to find the legendary trail. In 60 years ago, when many parts of Asia also rely on human and livestock shipping, is the tea horse ancient road connecting Chinese and Tibet's main trade route. But my search is probably in vain. A few days ago, I saw a year in the tea horse ancient road back heavy bags of the old man, he said to me, after a considerable period of time, sun and rain, trailing plants, tea horse road might have disappeared.

Once upon a time tea than silk or porcelain is more valuable, husband and loading on the back of livestock will along the tea horse road, pace slowly along the zigzag route climbed to 4600 meters altitude of Tibet Zar Gamal Yakou. Today's travelers take the car to cross the winding road.

Then my axe brandish, bamboo fall, appeared in front of a gravel paved path, only one meter wide, winding through the bamboo forest, road covered with a layer of unusually lush, slimy green moss.

This section of the residual of the gravel paths only extends the length of 15 metres, climb on a few class a tattered level again disappeared without a trace, by years of monsoon rains washed completely. I continue to move forward, into a narrow channel, mountain wall steep and slippery, I only used in military clinging to tree, lest drop to below rocky stream. I expect to go after a steep climb, can pass between Ya'an and Kangding in Ma'anshan.

That night, I camped in height above the stream, but the wood is too wet, not fire. The rain heavily hit the top of the tent. The second day early in the morning, I went on to explore the 500 meters, until the impenetrable Bush tightly blocked my way. I had to admit, at least here, the tea horse road is gone.
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