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Oolong Tea: red hot Oolong

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& nbsp; recently, a friend of Taiwan send some tea kind let me taste evaluation, he send samples did not say what is tea, after receipt of tea samples observation: its shape and general Taiwan Oolong is no difference, just color Lve Xianan red. Aroma with a clear, sweet fruit. What tea is this? The original is red oolong!

& nbsp; & nbsp; oolong tea (green tea) is Chinese one of six major teas, in this big family of Oolong tea has a large number of members, such as Phoenix from a single, Tieguanyin, Wuyi rock tea and so on. The red oolong, is favored in recent years Oolong Tea class upstart.

    Taitung County in the last century 60's a small amount of tea planting tea area, along with the rapid economic development, in the 80's to the 90's when a large number of local tea. After 1996, the tea area by China and Southeast Asia, the strong impact of Oolong tea, tea sales of tea tea in the tea area began to decline, the market downturn. In order to promote the area of tea growing again, local tea improving field began to assist farmers, and research and development of new tea tea processing technology, and finally in R & D in 2008 and, officially listed on the Taiwan Oolong, a & ldquo; bubble & rdquo; and red, became Taiwan special tea production in one.

& nbsp; & nbsp; many of the early drink Oolong may mistakenly think that belong to oolong tea, but in fact Oolong really belongs to a kind of Taiwan Oolong, unlike other Taiwan high mountain oolong is oolong raw materials mainly selects the low altitude region of big leaf oolong tea. General Taiwan oolong tea is mainly used in the fresh leaves of two leaves, but the red oolong tea is made of whole plant. Processing Oolong combines the characteristics of black tea and oolong tea processing, on the one hand, the practice of conventional oolong, fermentation method, on the other hand draw black tea and prolong fermentation time, skip oolong tea crank up the steps, in the package kneading process to further enhance the degree of fermentation. So red oolong is existing oolong tea fermentation the highest degree of a class, belonging to the withering and fermentation, oolong class heavy baking.

& nbsp; & nbsp; the bright orange red oolong tea, color as dilute the black tea, with sweet fruit aroma of black tea and sweet taste, but taste still remained in the soaking resistant characteristics of Oolong tea flavor and oolong tea, taste glycol. Because of the outstanding quality of the red oolong, it is not only suitable for hot bubble, but also suitable for cold bubble, and cold bubble can make the taste of it more prominent. Due to the rich red Oolong feedstock endoplasmic, special processing and distinct characteristics, storage time is longer, in recent years even the Oolong as Vintage tea used.

In addition to the use of raw materials also began to try to use tea as raw material production, but mainly in the region of Taiwan Oolong or Taiwan tea in the mainland and set up factories in the production of Oolong higher quality Tieguanyin class & nbsp; & nbsp; in recent years the mainland oolong tea producing areas also began to study the production of oolong. The Oolong in the supply of the market is still relatively small, and oolong but also by consumers and favor, so will generally more oolong tea or black tea to expensive, make Oolong become upstart in the oolong tea. (Li Wenxiong)
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